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LJ is Not Just for TEENS!

Because sometimes plain gum just won't do.

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Freakish Yoga Belly Dancing Kiltloving Longbow Fencing Weavers and Artists and Pink Flamingoes and the like...

This community is mainly for Live Journal users who are not teens anymore (and maybe haven't been for a loooong time). Savvy teens are welcome though.

Heck of a lot of qualifications to join, you say? Nah, just a mish-mosh of slightly paradoxical, gender stereotype-defying age-defying spectrum opposites to cast a wide-ish net. Sound like fun? Eh, it's just for a larf anyhow.

My life isn't lived in compartments, and I grew tired of posting the sewing to the sewing community and the dancing to the dancing community and so on. So if I love it, it's mentioned here.

Write about your passions, and you'll always be on topic.

Please no drive by community invites.