Fayme's Follies (fayme) wrote in fruitstripegum,
Fayme's Follies

Painting is cheaper than therapy!

I had some projects planned, and I was half-watching a lame tv sitcom, and in the background I glimpse these painting of little squares, sort of like a painted quilt, and I must do it. So I grab a canvas that I'd primed awhile ago, and had at it for the rest of the day. I finally had to take a break to rest my eyes and back. I haven't done an abstract painting in a long time, and my right brain kept arguing with my left brain but hopefully, my right brain will win.

On another note, I was blown away by a part of the Oprah show where two preachers went to Africa to help some orphans, and the orphans turned out to be from Houston TX. Their mom had abandoned the 7 of them in Africa.
They are back in the US now awaiting adoption.
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