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LJ is Not Just for TEENS!

9th August, 2011. 9:20 am. Relationship Woes(fayme)

Something is broken between my boyfriend and I and I can't fix it. It's financial stress. The only thing that will fix it is if one or both of us starts making a living wage, and I don't see either happening anytime soon. And I don't deserve to have my head bitten off every time we are in the same room together. I was just out of town for 3 days and when he picked me up I asked him if he missed me and he said, 'No, not really."

I just woke up. I had weird dreams about my friend winning the lotto. He won over $200.

Current mood: anxious.

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5th December, 2005. 7:30 pm. Current Projects(fayme)

I can't believe it's been a year since I've posted here. I guess I gave up on live journal because it crashes my browser so often.
Here is a list of some of the things I've been doing.

1.Crocheting and knitting a lot of hats. I'm going to make some soon for charity (premmies and newborns).

2.Gourd Art. I'm amazed with the endless uses of hardshelled gourds. My bf got a professional quality woodburning set up, so we've added that to our techniques. Some of the things we've made with gourds are vases, cups, bowls, canteens, water jugs, mobiles, rattles, jewelry boxes, and even a sock monkey swing.

3. Stick weaving. I saw a lady doing this at an SCA event and had to try it out. You literally take 6 8" sticks with a hole in one end, and weave around them.

4. Cooking. Last night we made cheese enchiladas. Ole'.

5. Art Journal. I'm collaging the pages in a heavy duty sketchbook and turning it into my passion for art book.

6. Sock monkeys. Haven't made any lately, but one customer almost bought the whole gang of five so it ocurred to me I should have more on hand, so my inventory doesn't get wiped out in one fell swoop.

7. Juggling. Nothing like an old fashioned art to brighten up a dull day. Just make some juggling balls out of balloons and rice, and you are good to go.

8. Getting ready to take the train up the coast to my daughter's college graduation. Home schooling paid off!

Current mood: creative.

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27th December, 2004. 9:54 pm. Sock Monkeys(fayme)

I was amazed to find out sock monkeys are over 100 years old. I found a store to buy the 'monkey socks' at today. They are sold by a company called http://www.foxsox.com. The best sock monkey website I've found is http://www.supersockmonkey.com. I can't wait to make some!

Current mood: creative.

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9th November, 2004. 1:27 am. Hello(layla_k)

The community interests caught my eye so..here I am. It seems a bit slow here at the moment. That appeals to my procrastinating side.

But enough about me. Lets get back to what everyone was talking about.

It's nice to be here.I appreciate the opportunity.

Current mood: content.

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23rd September, 2004. 7:05 pm. Painting is cheaper than therapy!(fayme)

I had some projects planned, and I was half-watching a lame tv sitcom, and in the background I glimpse these painting of little squares, sort of like a painted quilt, and I must do it. So I grab a canvas that I'd primed awhile ago, and had at it for the rest of the day. I finally had to take a break to rest my eyes and back. I haven't done an abstract painting in a long time, and my right brain kept arguing with my left brain but hopefully, my right brain will win.

On another note, I was blown away by a part of the Oprah show where two preachers went to Africa to help some orphans, and the orphans turned out to be from Houston TX. Their mom had abandoned the 7 of them in Africa.
They are back in the US now awaiting adoption.

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1st July, 2004. 12:56 pm. Postcards(fayme)

One of my penpals is moving from WA state to TN state to retire. I just got two postcards from her enroute. One is from Kansas and one from TN. Unfortunately neither had her new address so I'll either have to find the last letter she sent me or wait for an actual letter with the new return label on it. One shows an antique photo of a pioneer woman pushing a wheel barrow full of dried cow patties and it says "Prairie Firewood", the other shows a single room log cabin 'where Sam Houston Taught school'.

Current mood: grateful.

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22nd June, 2004. 10:29 pm. Are you romantic?(fayme)

Kissing Tips http://www.theromantic.com/kissing/main.htm

Current mood: amused.

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10th May, 2004. 12:38 am. Words(fayme)

I'm fascinated by the strangest things.
fayme's Word Usage
1. i (95) 26. as (13) 51. day (7) 76. new (5)
2. the (91) 27. i'm (12) 52. back (7) 77. come (5)
3. to (90) 28. or (11) 53. they (7) 78. morning (5)
4. and (71) 29. only (11) 54. now (7) 79. from (5)
5. a (53) 30. can (11) 55. over (7) 80. he (5)
6. you (39) 31. it's (11) 56. make (7) 81. something (5)
7. so (36) 32. go (10) 57. out (7) 82. gets (4)
8. my (33) 33. when (10) 58. her (6) 83. found (4)
9. it (32) 34. this (10) 59. don't (6) 84. some (4)
10. of (30) 35. class (10) 60. know (6) 85. do (4)
11. for (26) 36. want (10) 61. by (6) 86. isn't (4)
12. me (26) 37. but (9) 62. home (6) 87. than (4)
13. on (25) 38. time (9) 63. said (6) 88. 10 (4)
14. in (21) 39. them (9) 64. 5 (6) 89. i'll (4)
15. have (20) 40. all (9) 65. had (6) 90. off (4)
16. was (19) 41. with (9) 66. went (6) 91. ask (4)
17. up (18) 42. just (9) 67. find (6) 92. page (4)
18. get (18) 43. not (9) 68. here (6) 93. start (4)
19. is (16) 44. be (8) 69. could (6) 94. working (4)
20. if (16) 45. well (8) 70. think (5) 95. night (4)
21. that (16) 46. then (8) 71. today (5) 96. what (4)
22. one (15) 47. work (8) 72. minutes (5) 97. going (4)
23. at (14) 48. about (8) 73. she (5) 98. classes (4)
24. are (13) 49. there (8) 74. sleep (5) 99. belly (4)
25. like (13) 50. no (8) 75. last (5) 100. first (4)
Word Count by Hutta.

I'd actually like to see a list of my most unique words compared to other users...now that would be interesting. I wonder how many people have the word belly on their list like I do.

Current mood: amused.

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30th April, 2004. 10:55 am. Paradoxes(fayme)

Paradoxes in my own life:

I think women should be smart and strong, and not obcess over their looks but I also love Instyle Magazine.

Some days I'm gregarious and outgoing, and other days I'm a hermit.

I'm totally thrifty for days on end, then in one day I can spend every dime I have.

One minute I can be as coordinated a a martial arts icon, usually right before I fall on my butt.

I can be totally into a project and enjoying it one minute, and next thing I know, my mind is somewhere else entirely and I could care less about the project I'm doing.

Some days I'm a stickler for personal hygeine,make-up,flossing,etc. but on other days I could care less.

Current mood: energetic.

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28th April, 2004. 4:45 pm. If it feels good do it!(fayme)

Ten things that feel wonderful to me:

1. The way it feels to center clay on a wheel.
2. Putting tired feet into a bubbling hot tub.
3. Warm water poured gently over my long hair.
4. Watching my friends list grow on http://www.tribe.net
5. When someone I think is really hot smiles back at me.
6. Unexpected income.
7. When someone sends me a letter and took the time to decorate the envelope.
8. Watching new fish explore an aquarium.
9. Polishing my guitar.
10. The way kids look when they see the circus for the first time.

Current mood: amused.

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